My Cup Ace Upright has gone in the wind.

Last night I got a cup ace upright for today’s emotional fate. It’s quit excited and look forward what will happen today.

Actually, missed several chances. And I couldn’t believed that I went for Chinghui rd. to visit Shaoli Chow. It pissed me off.

I’m really dispointed of her. I did nice to her. And she did that to me for asking a little money just because I promoted the clothes to her.

And she couldn’t sell it out, so I sholud buy it myself for I said this’s nice looking? And what anger me is she asking for more 25 bucks??

hei…she said that asking is not too over since for the taxi fee…come on…I paid for the taxi fee when we were going there…

My Godness. There’s kinda girl like her? Maybe there’re too many in this land. Faint….I gave up the chance to hold the cup ace upright.

Feel quit dispointed…

Published in: on 2007, 八月 13 at 2:05 下午  發表迴響  

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