Marry Me…from Du

Twinkle twinkle little stars. Shining in your eyes.

Since that time getting into my heart. The power could even change the weather.

I’d love to devote myself to you. Through any difficulty to find you. And I won’t leave you anymore.

 Love’s me, love’s you. Love is positive sentence.

Anyone can not resist me to protect you forever.

Sun raises, sun sets. Dark night and bright daylight. Hold you in my arms anytime.

How clear is the emotion. Every senconds and mintues make foever.

You and I look at each other. There’s something I wanna tell you.

Get together with me this life. To be the reason of your destiny.

Marry me….

Published in: on 2007, 八月 12 at 5:27 上午  發表迴響  

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