Bargain Power.

Knida of a talent? Isn’t it. Today, I just went to baoshen area to buy the laundry equips. Meet the second boss of the group called John. I think he’s a tough guy to negotiate the price. So, I used the last way to force him. It’s giving my budget cap to him! And…he said he will consider it seriously. Hope so. He also said…he’s got other buyer to see the machinery this Friday. I fainted~ But he promised to give me an answer these days. Anyway…I will down the deal before that guy comes. Even high pay…with reasons. Also…I need to train my bargain ability more. I remember when I was the general manager of STUS…I am good at that. aaaa…depressing~

Published in: on 2007, 八月 7 at 5:03 下午  發表迴響  

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