Lovely Curry Store “CoCo".

The first time I tried it was in Japan. My cousin brought me there in Osaka. He studied there for a while and was also familiar with. It’s a nice and sweet memory, cause my grandmom went with us. Also the last chance I could go abroad with her….

I never think there’s “Coco" in shanghai, and got 7 stores:) Taipei gets 3,too. Pure Japnese curry, I increased the volume of rice to 400g, and choose the spicy level 3. It’s up to 5. I orderd fried chicken curry rice. And Dean got scallop curry rice. All take salad and soft drink set for 10 bucks. Calpis.カルピス. And seafood cream soup.

1.Coco curry house
Coco curry house

2.Salad and soft drink.
Salad and soft drink

3.Seafood soup.
Seafood soup

4.Fried chicken curry.
Fried chicken curry


Published in: on 2007, 八月 5 at 3:03 下午  發表迴響  

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