To entrepenuer a laundry shop in Shanghai. (1)

i’d like to say, what a diffcult thing we’re doing now. High rent, high transfer fee, high equipment charge. We found a company doing these business in Shanghai, too. Once it had three shops, but now two. Just close the one in downtown near by the station, and leave two in Sonchang area and Shuzhou city, all in the college towns. But as i think establish a laundry shop in college town in mainland China is not a good idea. The quality of students is too low and they always ask for more. Not only ask for the cheaper price, even the more service. They brought their own washing podwer and ask for one RMB cheaper.

There’s no management system to support this company. Even manager goes for checking the account once more than one month. Right now, they gonna quit this business and sell all of their American business machinery for very extreme cheap price. I will take them all. Comes the problem about capital. Wow…too many things to deal with. No fear. Need more luck and enthusiasm….

Published in: on 2007, 八月 4 at 11:01 上午  發表迴響  

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